Customer Spotlight: Selvedge House

Today’s customer spotlight shines on the fine folks over at Selvedge House, which is based in Brisbane, Australia. Selvedge House, as their website explains, provides a collection of hand crafted designer textiles, patterns and craft kits.

Recently, Danielle from Selvedge House sent us an email to tell us know how “brilliant” our button machine work and “how much fun” they have using it well set up at a weekend market stall. And in addition to fun, Danielle informs us that during that one weekend craft fair they pretty much made the cost of the machine back.

Here is a portion of Danielle’s email to us and some pictures from their weekend:

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ABM Template Tutorial Video Series: Copying an Individual Button Graphic Across a Single Page

Over the last several weeks, we have posted four videos designed to assist you in creating circular button graphics ready to be printed and turned into whatever kind of button your heart desires.

You can find these button making tutorials at the following links:

What each video does is show you the step-by-step process for creating a machine-ready graphic. However, what the videos don’t show you is how to maximize the space of your paper by turning one graphic into an efficiently spaced page full of as many individual graphics as will fit.

But have no fear…we’ve got you covered.

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Helping Customers (even in Canada!) One Circle Cutter at a Time

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that one of our products saved someone money, helped them create a memorable item, or generally just made their life a little bit better.

As we get ready to ramp back up again after another wonderful holiday season, we want to share with you a recent email that we received from one of our customers who reached out to us after being pleasantly surprised by how much time and money he saved with our Econo Circle Cutter.

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