Our solution for a common issue with fabric covered badge reels

One of our hottest, most popular products is the fabric covered badge reel. Not only are they fun and easy to make, but they extraordinarily useful for anyone who needs quick and easy access to a badge throughout their day.

A good example of of this is nurses, with whom monogrammed badge reels are especially popular. Unfortunately though, some hospitals are not too keen on nurses wearing buttons covered with fabric while on the job.

But wouldn’t you know it…we have a solution!

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Use 4,571 for Buttons: Encapsulating Someone’s Life Story

Do not be fooled by the specificity of the number in the title.  There is no finite number of uses for buttons, nor are we sure that what we are about to describe would fall in the exact 4,571th slot even if such a list existed.

The main idea is that there are tons of uses for buttons, and I just came across another one today.

On NPR.org, they have chosen to use political campaign buttons of recently deceased U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy to encapsulate his life. The good (his Senator elections), the bad (references to Chappaquidick), and the failed (his runs for President) are all represented in the ten-button cross section chosen by NPR.

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Monogrammed Badge Reels Are Customized, Personalized, and Make ID’ing Yourself Fun!

We’re back!

After a brief hiatus, we are back with fresh content here at The Button Blog. And today, we are going to veer in a direction that we have not veered in since launching the blog: badge reels.

Badge reels are small round devices with a retractable cord that attach to an ID badge. And as we have become well aware through our many customers who have ordered badge reels, there are myriad jobs for which you might need an ID badge: working in a hospital, government jobs, working in the media, etc.

If you are constantly using your ID badge to gain access to different rooms or areas, it makes sense to have a reliable and convenient tool to help you keep tabs on it.

If you are unfamiliar with customized badge reels, here is a picture:

badge reels - monogrammed badge reels

Most people wear their badge reels on a pocket, collar, or belt, thus allowing them to have access to their ID badge at all times without worrying about losing it. The retractable cord allows you to quickly pull your badge out for display or swiping, and then quickly retract it back to its resting position.

The great part about monogrammed badge reels and other customized and personalized badge reels, like the one you can make using our badge reel products, is that you can add a little personality and flair to the tool you are using to identify yourself with.

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