4 Essential Tips for Designing Effective and Memorable Campaign Buttons

Fall is election time, and we are nearing the heart of it now as the final days of September approach and October, then November, beckon. We already supplied you with tips for actually making and displaying campaign buttons, plus three tips specific to elementary school campaign buttons.

In this post, we provide you with four essential tips for designing the most effective and memorable campaign buttons possible.

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Button University Lesson 2: Button Sizes – Choosing the Right One

On Friday, we introduced you to our new series of posts that highlight some of the information available at the Button University resource of our main website. The first post in the series provided step-by-step instructions for any button making project. Today, we delve into an important decision that must be made when you are making buttons: with all of the different button sizes available, which one should you use for your project?

Over at our main website, we have a handy-dandy table that you can use for quick reference regarding decisions on button sizes. While we could simply repost that table here, what would be the fun in that? Plus, we know that some people don’t always like looking at tables and charts. So we will use our space here to outline, in a little more detailed fashion, which button sizes and button machine options work best for producing different button types and styles.

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