Customer Spotlight: Christmas Ornament Buttons from Custom Wrapz

Last week we told you all about ornament buttons, which are obviously all the rage during the holiday season. They are a great way to customize and personalize your Christmas tree with sentimental buttons you can easily make all on your own.

And wouldn’t you know it, just a few hours after we published that post one our awesome readers sent in pictures of the Christmas ornament buttons they had made.

The button ornaments pictured below come courtesy of our friends at And in our humble opinion, they are…fantastic!

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Customer Spotlight: Chicago Love, Lobsters Again, and Fundraising Fun!

It’s that time…time for another ABM Customer Spotlight!

If you didn’t know, we enthusiastically encourage any and all Button Blog visitors to submit their favorite buttons to us for display here in the Customer Spotlight. You can submit your buttons by clicking here.

In this edition, we have three compelling buttons to place in the spotlight.

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Customer Spotlight: Fraternal Order of Police

The button below was submitted to by Michael Davis, who tell us that it was made for the Fraternal Order of Police, specifically for 2012 Mini Convention attendees.

Have a fun, exciting, interesting button you want to share? Submit it here!

And if you need a place to go design some buttons, do so over at the Build-a-Button Online Design Center.

Brighid Brown – Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

Customer Spotlight: Houston Museum of Natural Science

We are proud to call the Houston Museum of Natural Science one of our customers and it is our pleasure to feature HMNS in an especially timely edition of our Customer Spotlight today.

Why is it so timely? Well, because the HMNS is distributing buttons to commemorate an impending experience that has been described as “a combination of rotting vegetation and rotting flesh.”


Allow me to explain.

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ABM Customer Spotlight: Operation Smiley Face

operation smiley face pinsWe are very, very proud and excited about featuring Operation Smiley Face as our latest ABM Customer Spotlight. When you hear the story behind this wonderful operation, and the incredible woman who is its driving force, you will understand why.

Operation Smiley Face was started by a women (whose name is not listed on her website other than as “Operation Smiley Face”) who is currently dealing with stage 4 Metastic Breast Cancer that had already spread to her lymph nodes and lungs when she was first diagnosed in August of 2009. This came on the heels of more than a decade of coping with her 1998 diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

You might read that paragraph and think that she has little to smile and be positive about. And to you or I that might be the case, but this inspiring woman has chosen to focus on the positives despite the cavalcade of negatives facing her every day.

Incredibly, she has somehow found a way to not only keep herself smiling, but to make other people – including and especially strangers she has never met – smiling too.

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Customer Spotlight: Selvedge House

Today’s customer spotlight shines on the fine folks over at Selvedge House, which is based in Brisbane, Australia. Selvedge House, as their website explains, provides a collection of hand crafted designer textiles, patterns and craft kits.

Recently, Danielle from Selvedge House sent us an email to tell us know how “brilliant” our button machine work and “how much fun” they have using it well set up at a weekend market stall. And in addition to fun, Danielle informs us that during that one weekend craft fair they pretty much made the cost of the machine back.

Here is a portion of Danielle’s email to us and some pictures from their weekend:

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Customer Spotlight:

We are back with another edition of The ABM Customer Spotlight. In our first installment, we told you about ABM customer Barrel of Monkeys.

Today, we take a trip halfway across the globe — all the way to Australia — to tell you about

And really, their tagline says it all: custom-made promotional badges…FAST!

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Customer Spotlight: Barrel of Monkeys

Welcome to the first ABM Customer Spotlight! 

We are very excited about this new feature here on the Button Blog, where we will be spotlighting the wonderful and creative button making work of some of our most loyal customers.

The first ABM Customer Spotlight is Jill Hamilton-Krawczyk, the creative genius behind Barrel of Monkeys. And rather than having us tell you about Jill and the story behind Barrel of Monkeys, we’ll let her tell you.

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